We also provide outstanding Cardiology care to patients

Cardiovascular Diagnostics

We offer advanced screenings and diagnostic testing.

Cardiovascular Conditions

We treat conditions ranging from minor to severe.



We can handle your advanced cardiac treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cardiovascular Diagnostics do you provide?

If you feel your heart is not performing as well as it should, we can provide you with insight via advanced screenings and diagnostic testing.

Your heart, arteries and veins will be reviewed in detail using state-of-the-art medical equipment to discover any abnormalities, blockages, or malformations within your cardiovascular system.

Our diagnostic services include:


• Treadmill Stress Test

• Pharmacological Stress Test

• Nuclear Stress Test

• MUGA Scans

• Echocardiograms

• Transesophageal Echocardiogram

• Holter Monitoring

• One-Month Event Monitors

• Carotid Ultrasound

• Abdominal Ultrasound for Aortic Aneursym

• Cardiac Catheterization

Which Cardiovascular Conditions do you treat?

Surgery is not always the answer. You can depend on us to help you along the path to a healthier you. Between maintenance medications, lifestyle and diet changes, we will work with you to determine the best course of teatment. We treat cardiovascular conditions ranging from minor to severe: • Angina Pectoris • Chest Pain • Prinzemetal Angina • Coronary Artery Disease • Hypertension • Hypotension •Hypercholetrolemia • Hypertriglyceridemia • Peripheral Vascular Disease/Circulation problems • Aortic Aneurysms • Sick Sinus Syndrome • Bradycardia • Heart Block • Tachycardia • Cardiac Arrythmias • Palpitations • Shortness of breath of cardiac etiology • Edema/swelling of legs. • Syncope/Loss of Consciousness • Pacemakers • Defibrillators • Dizziness R/O Cardiac Etiology • Congestive Heart Failure • Cardiomyopathy • Mitral Valve Prolapse • IHSS • Pericardial Effusion/Pericarditis • Preventative

Which Cardiac procedures do you offer?

Our team is focused on diagnosing and treating your heart problems quickly. We will be with along the entire process from detection to post-treatment. Any questions you have regarding your care will be answered by your doctor so you can know what to expect. From surgical to non-surgical procedures, our goal is to restore your health with the least invasive approach:

• Complete diagnostic services for in-office and in-hospital services • Complete and thorough Cardiovascular Evaluation and treatment • In office and in-hospital services • Complete diagnostic services • Pacemaker Clinic • Coumadin Clinic • Defibrillator Clinic • Cholesterol management • Preventative cardiology • Acute care cardiology • Cardiac Risk assessment • Invasive and noninvasive Cardiology • Temporary Pacemaker Insertion • Permanent pacemaker insertion and follow up • Defibrillator insertion and follow up • Cardiac catheterizations

Do I have to be a primary care patient with Bay Area Medical Clinic to become a cardiology patient?

No. Some of our cardiology patients have an outside primary care provider.